Is it possible to clean the window of the Jackie garden stove? Can the stove be left outside all year round or does the Corten steel need to be treated? Find answers to all your questions regarding maintenance here!

Stove maintenance.

Jackie stoves and ovens are made of Corten steel, a material that lasts many times longer than regular steel without any polluting coating; and requires no maintenance whatsoever. The only points to consider in terms of maintenance are the stove cord and the glass.

Please carry out maintenance when the stove has been out of use for at least 24 hours. Use only original parts for replacement. These are available at!

The ceramic glass

Remove any deposits on the window regularly with a wet cloth or window cleaner. This is because the deposits can burn in and are then difficult to remove. To do this, remove either the top plate or the pizza oven from the stove, allowing access to the inside of the window. Check the window regularly for cracks. To clean the window, you can also use hob cleaner. Do not use caustic and/or abrasive cleaners to clean the glass.

A broken ceramic glass should be disposed of with regular household waste. The ceramic pane should not be put in the glass container because the material has a much higher melting temperature than ordinary glass.

The window sealing

The window is sealed on both sides with ceramic tape or cord. With air leakage, more soot deposits will form on the glass. This can be checked by performing the following steps:

Remove the top plate from the stove and take a look inside. Slide the glass out of the holder and set it aside for a while. The central firebox of the stove is a loose part, which must remain in the correct position due to its own weight: as deep as possible and without any slack. It can simply be taken out of the stove.

Now the stove band is clearly visible, both inside the stove and on the central firebox. Look for any loosening of the band. Feel free to send a photo of any leakage to .

To reattach the stove band, you will need ceramic stove glue. A tube can be obtained from the same address. Sometimes top-up gluing is sufficient. If this is not sufficient, follow the instructional video that will soon be below. Secure the firebox again and slide the glass back into the firebox. Check the window seal at least once a year for leaks.

The pizza oven

After baking, there will undoubtedly be burnt-on flour and food residue on the pizza stone. This is easy to wipe off after the stone has cooled down, after 4 hours or so. More thorough cleaning can be done with a scouring pad, but is certainly not often necessary. The stone is also too brittle and delicate for that.