Find out here Jackie's recommendations to start using that brand new garden stove and any accessories safely. Correct placement taking into account all environmental factors is crucial.


Wait at least 4 hours after the fire is completely extinguished before touching, moving, transporting, etc. the stove. Fire the stove only with the recommended fuel, i.e. thin, dry pieces of wood. Do not use the stove as a waste burner/all purpose burner.

Only if the fire is too heavy, close the wood supply with the damper. Do not make any changes to the stove yourself. Use only original parts for replacement.


If the stove is in the grass or on a flammable surface, a fireproof metal floor plate or tile should be placed under the appliance. The stove should always be stable.

Please also note that Corten steel can give off colour to the surface during the rusting process, so avoid direct contact with delicate surfaces.


The back wall of the stove should be no less than one metre from a wall or partition. If you do want to place the stove closer, mount a fireproof metal plate against the wall.

The best way to prevent discolouration - black or brown deposits - is to limit the smoke, which, of course, Jackie does par excellence. When lighting the fire, however, there is smoke. Furthermore, also because of the oil in the firelighters, because of wet wood, because of too full a wood supply, because of the wrong fuel,... there is always a risk of deposits. Take this into account when positioning the stove, and counter it if necessary by protecting the wall.



The stove is not intended for indoor use. Also not for enclosed spaces such as tents or closed or semi-open canopies. The stove must always be able to draw in sufficient fresh air. For applications under a canopy in outdoor areas, an expert should be called in to install a roof penetration.

Place the stove at least one metre away from furniture or other flammable materials and keep clothes, gloves, towels, etc. away.

During use, the stove will become hot on the outside. Therefore, use oven gloves when refilling the wood supply or using the oven. Avoid any contact with the burning stove to prevent burns or clothing catching fire. Only the oven handle can be handled (with oven glove) during use.

When lit, the stove is still cool in the beginning and the ash drawer can be touched. Wait at least 4h after extinguishing the fire to empty the ash drawer.

Never leave children alone with a burning or uncooled stove.