Prepare your favourite dishes with family and friends around the fire.

The hot air heats the top surface of the stove up to 450°C. With the optional oven module, you’re all set for a pizza party! Or bring out the plancha or grill for a barbecue party.

Pizza from Jackie’s oven

“Pizzas cooked on a wood fire are the best”, says Jackie! On some evenings ‘back to basics’ is all you need. A pizza that excells in simplicity and taste. And being able to prepare it in 2 to 3 minutes for example …. Even Jackie already succeeded at the second attempt!

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Before you begin

When you’ve invited guests to sit around the fire, it’s always fun to spontaneously bake a few pizzas while enjoying drinks. But pay attention: the oven module has to be placed on the stove before the fire is started.

The stove is at 300°C

After burning the fire for 25 tot 35 minutes, you’ll have enough heat to bake pizzas. This has to be 300°C or close to that temperature. Open the oven with your left hand - be careful: the handle is made of sustainable corten steel and can get hot. Slide the pizza in and close the lid immediately to keep the heat in the oven.

Baking a pizza goes quickly

After a minute and a half, you can already check if the pizza is getting a beautiful golden colour. Another minute later, your pizza will be nice and crunchy, ready to serve. Next!


Even without the oven, you have many options for cooking. The plancha is the Meditteranean counterpart of the barbecue and creates delicious grilled dishes. With a pot or pan, you can basically cook all your favourite dishes outdoors.

  • Plancha

    Cooking on the plancha tastes incredible in itself, and even better if you don’t have to breathe in fine dust during grilling. Jackie’s large plancha griddle is made of thick carbon steel for perfect heat transfer and uses the whole surface of the stove. Ideal for summer!

  • Grill plate

    Pieces that have to cook a bit longer should be placed on the outside. Searing is done in the middle. Jackie wants to make the outdoor stove suitable for as many grill plates as possible with the perfo plate. This way, you don’t have to buy a new one. Jackie’s perfo plate ensures good heat transfer.

  • Cooking pot or pan

    Need inspiration for a Christmas party this year? First, warm up by the stove with a bowl of soup. After enjoying a delicious stew, it’s time for the best part with gluhwein and Irish coffee … Let everything simmer peacefully on the standard cover plate. This is included if you purchase a Jackie outdoor stove.

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