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Kindling Cracker

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To fill Jackie’s wood supply, you use fine pieces of wood. This involves splitting wood: a nice outdoor activity to get warm even before starting the fire!

Instead of an axe, we recommend using the Kindling Cracker: a safer, easier and quicker option. Put a log in the Kindling Cracker, hit it with a hammer, and without any effort the wood will split in two.

The log remains upright; you can split it exactly where you like and avoid the risky act of swinging an axe.

The top ring has an interior diameter of 17 cm. This means it’s also the maximum size of your logs. The Kindling Cracker is made of cast iron and extremely durable. The sort of tool that will last for generations. You can easily regrind the surface with a metal file. Cast iron can rust. Store this log splitter indoors or treat it with beeswax.