Pizza Bufala

Pizza Bufala

Simple and super delicious. This veggie pizza was the first one to go in Jackie’s (prototype) oven and was already a succes at its second attempt. Jackie’s golden tip: once you’ve poured the tomato sauce over the dough, you have to place the pizza in the oven as fast as possible. Otherwise it will stick to your countertop or pizza shovel. Now you know what went wrong the first time … Dough that’s too wet sticks and is hard to remove from the pizza stone. TIP 2: don't hesitate to use a baking paper underneath the dough, avoiding a sticky mess.

For the tomato sauce:

  • 200 g tomato passata or whole canned tomatoes, crushed yourself


  • Lots of oregano

  • Basil leaves

  • Pepper and salt

For the pizza:

  • Bell pepper, mushrooms, a few slices of courgette, cherry tomatoes, … optional

  • 2 pizza bases or 300 g dough

  • ½ ball of buffallo mozarella, sliced or crumbled


  1. Cut the bell pepper, slice the mushrooms, or other. Bake on beforehand if you want them well done.

  2. When the oven is on temperature, roll out the first ball of pizza dough on your kitchen worktop (first sprinkle enough flower) and spread out a small ladle of tomato sauce.

  3. Add the cheese and place toppings of your choice on the sauce. 

  4. Season with oregano, pepper and salt

  5. Place 2 to 3 minutes on the pizza stone of Jackie’s oven module.

  6. Turn the pizza halfway. Serve with leaves of basil.